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Friday, November 5, 2010

SR-73 - The Free Section of the Toll Road

New Toll Road Survey: A short Southern California Toll Road Survey

 If you have ever driven on the 405 through sections of Orange County, CA you may have noticed their is the 73 toll road that parralls the 405. When I first heard of this, I always routed my trips away from it, even with google maps telling me to drive on it. It wasn't for a few months of living in Orange County that I finally learned, through word of mouth, that a section of the 73 was free to travel on. That's right a toll road that was free!! However, there was a minor catch, if you missed the last free exit, you would have to pay to exit the toll road past that.
So where is this free section of the 73 toll road? Heres a picture and a Map.

So although this link is small compared to the length of the entire 73, it is quite a useful link! Just remember that when heading south the last free exit is BISON AVE. There is a large sign that will let you know, but the exit is a small one lane exit, so be sure to be careful not to miss it.
When heading North on the 73, as long as you get on at Bison, or any street north of bison, your section on the 73 should be free. This free section of the 73 has come in handy for many UC Irvine students who commute to school from areas such as Costa Mesa and Newport Beach.
I am unsure why this link is provided for free to all commuters, but my guess is due to some deal with the city of Irvine or the University of California. As for the toll road making any money, here is a decent article.

Update: A section of the 73 was closed for the filming of Hangover 3!!


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