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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Traffic Reporting Phone Number: 8-Oh-My-Stuck

This post is to introduce a new service for people nationwide to help reduce stress from road rage. Whatever the cause of your driving frustration, this new phone number can be called 24/7 toll free to relive your anger. Before the details are laid out, here is the number to store in your phone:

8-Oh-My-Stuck OR (864)-697-8825

So, the next time your on the roadways and frustrated of the current congestion levels or other drivers, your free to call* and complain about your drive. Calls are recorded and limited to 3
minutes. Heres an Example Caller:

Be sure to mention the following three items:

1. Where are you? Approximate location, ie. What Highway/street you are on, what direction you are heading?
2. What appears to be the problem?
3. Frustrated? How mad are you?

This can be summed into an acronym. W.W.F. (Where? What? Frustrated?) to help you remember the issues to discuss. The whole idea of this is to eventually place the calls on a map to see where people are calling about and how bad the traffic is. Here's a prototype of the map that eventually could be implemented as this service grows!

With different phone calls coming into the service, and a rating system in place, I'm sure we can hear some exciting traffic reports from individuals in the field or even some humorous messages of individuals cursing out their current road frustration. So remember, just Call: 8-oh-my-stuck and talk about the W.W.F.

Also, texting "8-Oh-My-Stuck" is also available for those rapid fire thumbs! Standard Text messaging rates apply.**

*Hands free device required in CA, NY and others
** Texting while driving is illegal in some states


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