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Thursday, July 14, 2011

405 Closure - Carmagedon in Southern California - 7/15 to 7/18, 2011

This Weekend an epic closure of the 405 freeway in Southern California plans to shut down. This article attempts to revel the details of the closure to help in planning your movement/travels this weekend! So lets go over the Five W's to get an idea about what is going on!

Who: The I-405 Freeway
What: 10 mile section closed for 53 hours
Where: The 405 Freeway, from the 101 to Highway 10
When: 10 pm on Friday July, 15 2011 - 5 am on Monday July 18 2011
Why: As part of a $1 Billion dollar reconstruction project, which includes the instillation of a HOV lane and a sound wall as well as upgrading on and off ramps to the freeway.

Some Pictures taken on Friday (7/15/2011) afternoon of the area are included here to show the equipment and future project areas. The first two is of Wilshire Blvd overpass over the 405 and the other picture is near Mulholland Drive.

A map of the 10 mile segment can be seen below.

Section closed for Carmagedon
It has been mentioned that, "if you think you think you're going to bypass the closure by some secret canyon route, you and a million other people have the same idea," said Andrew Neiman a L.A. police Lt. Some PR advocates of the closure have gone so far as to make T-shirts of the event, almost to a point of mockery.

While most articles are predicting [1, 2, 3] major delays, some say that the warnings may be so successful that traffic will be light as they were during the 1984 Summer Olympics. Well just have to wait and see how this all turns out, hopefully drivers plan accordingly and arrive at their destination safely.


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